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Hyperbarics - New Smyrna Beach

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Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center is the premier private hyperbaric oxygen therapy concept with medical centers in Orlando and New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Working by exposing the body to 100% oxygen in an enclosed chamber where the atmospheric pressure is increased and controlled, the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) are well-documented in a constantly growing body of scientific studies.

HBOT is approved by the FDA and covered by insurance including Medicare to treat many medical conditions. If you’re being treated for an off-label condition, we offer discounted out-of-pocket packages to our patients without insurance coverage.

With our spa-like medical centers and compassionate team, our mission is to provide top-of-the-line hyperbaric oxygen therapy with world-class customer service throughout your healing journey to improve your outcome and quality of life.

We provide treatment to patients seeking relief from insurance-approved and off-label medical conditions, guaranteeing comfort and care throughout your healing journey.

Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center was created with patients as our top priority. We strive every day to be the best we can be for our patients.

Erika Jordan, DMS, EMT, CHT, is the proud owner of the Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center. Erika started her career as a Hyperbaric Chamber operator at a private Hyperbaric Oxygen facility in Delray Beach Florida. Erika quickly rose from Hyperbaric chamber operator to Facility Manager and Safety Director. While employed at that facility, she treated patients for a wide range of "off-label" diagnoses.

Erika Jordan then moved closer to her hometown near Orlando Florida to be with family. While in Central Florida she ran multiple hospital-affiliated facilities as their Senior Hyperbaric Safety Specialist.

At the hospital-affiliated facilities, she was limited to only treating 14 insurance-approved indications. From working in the hospital setting, Erika soon realized the disadvantage those centers presented. Many patients had to be turned away from receiving Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for not falling within their narrow treatment guidelines.

With her background of working in a private clinic, she turned her frustration from the lack of treatment opportunities into the goal of offering HBOT to all patients in a cost-effective manner. With this goal in mind, Erika opened Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center to offer HBOT for any patient who needs treatment. The opening of the Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center has been Erika’s dream. Her passion is healing patients and states, “this is my calling”.

1708 FL 44
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
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